Candidate Success Story with HIT Recruiter 1st Solution USA

Candidate Success Story with HIT Recruiter 1st Solution USA

Ever wonder what your job search would be like if you had the help of an expert HIT recruiter and partner? How about stress-free and even…enjoyable? Don’t take our word for it. Read on to see what one of our recently-placed, happy candidates had to say about partnering with 1st Solution USA in her job search.

Name and title: JoAnn Manigault, RN, MSN, Senior Consultant

Length of time in health IT: 2 years

Length of time in current job: 6 months

Why did you choose 1st Solution USA to help with your HIT job search?

I had been looking off and on for “something,” as I felt I was ready to make a change in my current career path. I had done a few online applications, but really did not get a response from them and the jobs that were available were really not jobs I had a strong interest in. My recruiter found me via LinkedIn. She contacted me via email and after speaking with her, I felt very comfortable with her. She was very positive and focused on my skill sets to help me see I had the skills for the position.

What sets 1st Solution USA apart from other HIT recruiters you’d previously worked with?

All the extra work! My HIT recruiter reviewed my resume, developed questions to pull additional information and skills I had not put on my resume, because she knew what her corporate partner wanted in an applicant. She reformatted my resume to ensure all my skills and the skills my employer was looking for stood out.

I had almost weekly follow-ups with her via email and/or phone. I was prepped for an interview and the motivation she provided was invaluable. When I doubted things would work out, she stayed positive. If I had questions about the progression of things, it was like she had a direct connection with Human Resources and could always let me know what was going on. She even provided me with other potential options, should the job I was applying for not work out.

She just made me feel like I was her only client and that is “priceless.”

What do you like most about your new position?

I have a regular need for change and this job allows for that. I travel, which puts me in different places on a regular basis, and I am allowed and encouraged to always think outside the box.

What factors made you choose to take this position over others?

I think this job appealed to me initially because of the potential for travel and change. After a little research and learning it was a Fortune 500 company that was international–and growing, even in today’s economy–that I knew it would be a good place to be employed.

How would you sum up your experience working with 1st Solution USA?

1st Solution USA is AWESOME! I have no doubt I would have never found this position on my own. As a matter of fact, when talking with my colleagues, they all assume I am employed in the company because I was hired internally. That is how this company hires their employees–by recommendations from other employees. Working with 1st Solution USA definitely gave me an edge.

Ready for the edge you get from having an HIT Recruiter on your side?

At 1st Solution USA, we help our candidates achieve results like this on a regular basis. If you’d like to get the advantage in your job search, contact 1st Solution USA today!