The Most In-Demand HIT Skills for 2012

The Most In-Demand HIT Skills for 2012

Healthcare is one of the hottest, fastest-growing industries in 2012, and that means it’s a great time to be a health information technology (HIT) professional. But having the right title simply won’t be enough to qualify you for the very best HIT jobs. In order to snag those, you’ll have to make sure your skills are sharp and in line with the HIT skills that employers are looking for most this year.

Would you pass the test? Measure your credentials and knowledge-base against the most in-demand HIT skills for 2012:

Today’s In-Demand HIT Skills

ICD-10/5010 Expertise. All HIPAA transactions, both inpatient and outpatient, must come into compliance with this code conversion by October 1, 2013. If healthcare operations miss the deadline, all of their claims will be rejected, with serious negative consequences for their revenue streams. Insurers, hospitals, private practices and large government agencies are all looking for HIT professionals to fill this crucial need.

EMR and EHR Implementation. The transition from paper to digital for all medical records by 2013 is a massive undertaking and one that healthcare organizations around the country are scrambling to meet. Operations are looking for HIT experts who can manage and perform the conversion, train their clinical peers and troubleshoot glitches during go-live.

Clinical Applications Management. With an emphasis on the quality and overall user experience with software, applications management skills are in great demand in 2012. Specifically, hiring managers are seeking HIT professionals with experience in software development for the healthcare industry and application management professionals who understand how the clinical community looks at and uses these applications.

Information Security and Compliance. Keeping patient health information (PHI) safe is a major concern with EMR and EHR conversions. Healthcare organizations will need to make sure this information remains HIPAA compliant during the unprecedented transfer of information. Specialists in data security and forensics will be in high demand to ensure the patient’s information is safeguarded and breaches prevented, wherever possible.

Business Intelligence, Informatics and Analytics. Healthcare is big business. Hospitals, practices and government agencies need HIT professionals with expert business savvy—those who know how to analyze data, like pertinent clinical information, business methods and revenue cycle processes, and who can do it quickly, more efficiently, and with better quality.

Have you got the HIT skills to compete?

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