Health IT Recruiter Candidate Success Story: Clinical Analyst

Health IT Recruiter Candidate Success Story: Clinical Analyst

Career success with 1st Solution USA, a health IT recruiter

Name: Christoper J. Ewers

Title: Clinical Analyst (Implementation)

Length of time in health IT: 3.5 years

Length of time in current job: Under six months

What led you to enlist the help of a health IT recruiter in your job search? I was actually reaching out to the HR resource at my current employer, and they referred me to 1st Solution USA, as they were not recruiting in-house at the that time.

What was your experience working with 1st Solution USA? My experience was good. I was always reluctant to use recruiters, as I was unsure of their true loyalty. But I found that the two recruiters I worked with were very helpful and acted like I was their only client.

What was it about 1st Solution USA’s work on your behalf that made the difference? The staff was very attentive and personable. They made me feel comfortable and always replied when they said they would, and kept me up to date on situations. I consider them friends.

What do you like most about your new position as a clinical analyst? Working in a comfortable environment with other professionals, making a product that helps the client improve in multiple ways (charting, reporting, and receiving a ROI). I enjoy working with a product I believe in. It spills over to my customers, as I am easily able to get them excited about implementing this product in their hospitals.

1st Solution USA made it easy to work with and trust a recruiter. I may do it again if I ever want to move on from my current position or had to relocate, but I like where I am currently working and see much potential for growth here. I would recommend 1st Solution USA to other health IT professionals.

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