Want to Get Recruited? Better Think Outside the Box

Want to Get Recruited? Better Think Outside the Box

Throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s, the phrase,”think outside the box” was commonly heard in corporate circles. But nowhere has that skill set been more in-demand than in the 21st century job market, where candidates outnumber available jobs in most industries.

But just what does it mean to think outside the box? And, how can you use that skill set to get recruited in today’s job market? Here are four, easy ways you can stand out and get recruited, even in a tough economy.

How to Get Recruited

Be proactive. Most conventional advice tells candidates how to be reactive–how to submit a properly-formatted resume, how to answer tough interview questions, etc. But those who get the best results tend to be the most proactive.

To begin, think about a handful of companies you’d like to work for. Then, using the power of the internet and social media, research those companies and find the people who make decisions about hiring. Then, connect; this last step is easier than it sounds.

For instance, on LinkedIn, you can search for a company’s name to see if you already know anyone at that company. If so, you can ask for a formal introduction to your person of interest. If not, you can invite them to join your professional network, or “connect.” Even better, you can browse the site’s “Groups” category to find groups that are relevant to your industry. There, you can participate in or start discussions about topics or current events, post interesting articles, or solicit and encourage feedback and participation from other people in the group.

Get creative with social media. There’s a lot of photo sharing, downloading and creating on social media, but painfully few people incorporate these things into their job search. That’s a mistake. Rather than write a standard, bland resume and blast it to dozens of recruiters, why not start a YouTube channel, where you discuss hot topics related to healthcare? Or, start a blog or create your own website, where you can discuss industry-relevant topics to showcase your expertise? You could even create an About.Me page,a hub where recruiters can access all of your social media profiles in one place.

Keyword optimize your resume. What words or phrases would a recruiter type into Google to find someone to fill your dream job? Those “key” words are exactly what you should sprinkle throughout your resume to get the search engines’ attention. But be careful: make sure your resume is engaging and well-written, using keywords only where and when appropriate–in titles, subheadings, and occasionally in the text. Don’t stuff them into your resume; search engines will block you as SPAM.

Provide value during follow-up. Ever wonder how many emails human resources and hiring managers get each day that begin with the phrase, “Any news yet”? Probably too many to count.

While following up with your recruiter is a must, how you follow up makes all the difference in whether you’re remembered as a prime candidate or a prime pest. Be creative in your follow-up. Send a link to an interesting article or a blog post you wrote about an industry-specific topic. The key is to send something that not only makes them remember you, but also illustrates the value you’ll provide to the employer.

Thinking outside the box to get recruited isn’t as hard as it sounds. All it requires is that you generate buzz about your unique skills set and qualifications, be creative and resourceful, follow up and provide value. With so few candidates doing these things, a hiring manager or recruiter can’t help but take notice.

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